1. Twist painting the Bowery/ Houston wall in NYC, 2011.

    Starting this Friday, I’ll be showing this photo (un-cropped), along with some others, in the show “A Major Minority” at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco. I’ll also be in SF for the opening, so hit me up if you know of anything that I should be shooting or painting on this week!

    A Major Minority opens Friday, March 14th, from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. The show consists of 100 artists (who I am honored to be counted among) from 18 countries, and features work that explores interaction with the public as well as the urban landscape. by clamsrockefeller http://ift.tt/1k4PeEQ

  2. 😏 by mtncolors http://ift.tt/1mLCIJg

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  6. All Eyes On Me #happyBirthdayPac #tupacshakur#missmeart #saintpac #muralfestival #montreal by ladyaviva http://ift.tt/1jZy0nV

  7. NOT SORRY | #LosAngeles by andres55 http://ift.tt/1mFtVoE

  8. WXW by jasongoldwatch http://ift.tt/1jZy7jq

  9. Dasright. ✨💛✨ by yrstrulybianca http://ift.tt/1rI6vaf

  10. How the affair ended. im in the shop all day at 72 fourth ave bk 11217, telling tales from the nursery to the hearse-ery by steveespopowers http://ift.tt/1m9ArVF